Extending Your Wireless Network Connectivity

By | August 27, 2021

 One of the most common problems that you are likely to encounter when dealing with WiFi networks is the range of these devices. Most WiFi devices have low network strength and are purposely designed to be operated not far away from an access point. As a result, they can be a real pain to work with. Considering that the number of city wide WiFi networks has been increasing at a rapid pace and with a new hotspot being set up almost every other single day with most of them offering free internet access, a wireless network booster may be the only solution to this problem. A booster will allow you to even piggyback on a number of these networks even when you are out of range of the access points.

It is easy to know when it is time to upgrade your network and get a wireless network booster. When your downloads start to stutter or the email connection complains of a low signal, then these are signs that you need to do something. There are two lines of attack in this. One depends on your wallet while the other depends on your brain. When positioning your router, it is best when there is an actual line of sight from the transmitter to the receiver (your laptop). You can do this by placing the access point as high as you can. The antenna on the router is a low-efficient antenna and you can improve its range by upgrading to directional antennas, both for the router as well as for your laptop.

If you want a business-grade connection, then you obviously know that you will need to spend more. The good side to this is that these access points come with some of the most powerful transmitters. Matching a router and the network adapter from the same vendor will often offer better performance as well. When all else seems impractical there is one more solution; purchasing a wireless network booster. These signal boosters are usually installed together with a wireless access point and serve to increase the strength of the base station transmitter. Their main purpose is to improve both the reception and the network transmission simultaneously. A quality signal can more than triple the signal strength and offer enough coverage for a large home or office through walls. Range expanders can either be Bi-Directional Amplifiers or WiFi Signal Repeaters. Bi-Directional Amplifiers amplify the signals by about 600 percent and offer increased signal strength throughout the network. Wi-Fi Signal Boosters act as signal relay points and can be used in ‘dead zones’ to extend a network range. Whatever wireless network booster you use, it is a low cost way to greatly improve the range and signal of your access points.

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