Why Island Health Fitness is the Best Gym on the Outer Banks

By | October 14, 2021

Here at Island Health Fitness, we believe that fitness should be accessible to all. We want to help you live a healthy lifestyle and feel confident about yourself. If you are looking for an island-based fitness center, look no further than Island Health Fitness.

The Benefits of Island Health Fitness

Island Health Fitness is the best gym on the Outer Banks because of our convenient location, friendly atmosphere and great exercise equipment. Each day we offer a variety of classes that can be mixed and matched to fit your schedule. Our members love the variety of workout options available and how easily they fit into their daily schedules.

How to Get a Free Trial

Island Health Fitness, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, is one of the premiere places for outdoor fitness and workouts. The gym offers many different fitness classes each week, multiple locations to workout indoors or outdoors, and has world-class instructors.

The Difference Between Our Gym and Others

The best thing about Island Health Fitness is that there are no long waiting lines! Depending on the class you decide to take, the waiting time should be around 5-15 minutes. What other gym offers that? Plus, our members have access to a selection of over 60 classes, which means they can work out all day and never get bored.

What Does Island Health Fitness Have That You Won’t Find Elsewhere?

Island Health Fitness is a gym on the Outer Banks that offers a variety of equipment and classes to keep you working out. We offer everything from outdoor boot camps to indoor kickboxing sessions. If you want more information on what we have to offer, our website is always updated with the latest schedule so you can plan ahead.

Why Think About Retiring to the Outer Banks?

Island Health Fitness is the Outer Banks gym for residents, vacationers and guests. We offer a wide range of fitness classes from cardio to yoga to boot camp. Our full facility with heated pool offers members a refreshing way to relax after a busy day on the beach.

What Is Our Mission Statement?

Our mission statement is “To provide Outer Banks residents with a fitness experience they are proud of.” We are committed to the community of the Outer Banks, providing healthy living by offering personal training, eco-friendly workout equipment, and nutritional support.


Why Island Health Fitness is the best gym on the Outer Banks. This fitness center provides a variety of classes to choose from including yoga, Pilates, cardio-spinning, and more. They also offer a variety of affordable rates, as well as discounted memberships.

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